Dark Circles Under Your Eyes: Causes and Cures

You got plenty of sleep, you drank plenty of water, you even bought the expensive under eye concealer, yet you still have those stubborn dark circles. What gives?

There could be many causes for dark circles under your eyes, and most are treatable. Let’s look at a few different situations that might be to blame:

Pinkish Circles

If you are seeing pink or red circles under your eyes, along with some puffiness, this is often related to either a cold, allergies, or skin irritation.

Colds: Colds can cause your eyes to water, leading you to wipe at them more often. Since the skin is so thin under your eyes, it can get irritated very easily. These can be treated with plenty of rest and fluids. Use soft tissues to gently dab at your eyes, and apply a cold compress to help with any puffiness. Products like Eye Secrets 1 Minute Lift can also help rapidly reduce puffiness.

Indoor/Outdoor Allergies: Allergies often cause itchy eyes, and rubbing your eyes in an effort to get some relief can also damage that delicate skin, leaving it red and puffy. An antihistamine can do the trick in the short term, but you should also try to determine the source of the allergy. If it’s coming from something in your home (mold, pets, dust) you will have to address the source.

General Skin Irritation: This can happen for a number of reasons. If you recently switched soaps or cosmetics, chemicals may be to blame. Sunscreen, dust, smoke and dirt can also work their way into your eyes, causing irritation all around the socket. Try to determine the substance that’s bothering you. In the case of soaps or sunscreens, see if switching to a gentler brand will help. For environmental factors, wear eye protection when you know you’ll be exposed to dust, etc.

Bluish Circles

These circles are the result of blood pooling beneath the surface of your skin. This most often happens when you sleep, as lying in a horizontal position allows the veins under your eyes to expand. There are some topical creams that can constrict blood vessels, and this will help reduce the appearance. Cold compresses will have a similar effect. One very easy trick to try is sleeping with your head elevated. Don’t give the blood a chance to collect, and the circles will go away.

Brownish Circles

Brown circles can be the trickiest. They are usually the result of genetics, sun overexposure, or chronic eye rubbing. In these cases, the skin under your eyes has become hyperpigmented, meaning you will have to lighten the skin there to correct it. Skin brightening creams are available to help, but they require diligence. A six-week application schedule will usually do the trick.

Sudden Appearance of Dark Circles

This might go without saying, but if you do not usually experience dark circles, and suddenly have them, it’s best to check in with a doctor. The cause could be something mild, like one too many beers the night before, but they could also be an indication on an injury. Best to get it checked.

Circles under your eyes can leave you feeling self conscious or worried that you look too tired. With a little TLC, you can help reduce their appearance. Care for yourself first. Get the sleep, hydration, and nutrition you need to look younger and more awake.


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