Orange Peel Skin – Can it Really be Cured?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “orange peel skin,” just picture an orange in your mind. The peel of an orange has a bumpy texture to it, with a few pits and craters here and there. In terms of a human complexion, it might refer to large and visible pores, or areas of cellulite or “dimpling” on arms, legs, buttocks and stomachs.

It can be a challenging skin condition to cover over. Tight fitting or revealing clothes don’t leave much to the imagination, and if you’re self conscious about your skin texture, you might wind up avoiding clothes you love.

So, is orange peel skin a never ending condition which forces you to hide under heavy or uncomfortable clothes, or is there really a cure? Let’s look at a few options available.

Surgery and/or Laser Therapy

The most extreme approach to removing cellulite or orange peel skin is to have it surgically treated by a physician. This often means either liposuction, or some kind of laser treatment designed to blast away fat cells under the skin.

While both of these approaches are effective, it is worth noting that they are both highly disruptive to your life, and come with their own inherent risks. Any surgery, including cosmetic surgery, should be considered carefully before a decision is made. Ask about extended recovery times, pain levels, and of course, cost.

If your cellulite is mild, or if you can learn to make your peace with it, surgery can be avoided altogether.

Weight Loss

Another approach which can help reduce the overall appearance of cellulite is weight loss. Slow and healthy weight loss overseen by your physician can help to transform your appearance.

There is no great mystery behind cellulite: it’s just fat. Nearly every woman has it, and even some men do as well. Therefore it stands to reason that fat loss equals cellulite loss.

Of course, some people are more likely to have cellulite than others (you can thank genetics for that), so weight loss may have varying effects, depending on how your body stores fat. Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight is always a good idea, regardless of appearance.

Topical Treatments

Cellulite or orange peel skin shows up thanks to two different types of cells: fat cells, and skin cells.

We’ve already talked about how you can reduce fat cells, but what about treating your skin cells to help reduce the unwanted textures?

The appearance of cellulite can be made more dramatic by factors such as dehydration, loss of skin elasticity, or poor circulation. Luckily, each of these factors can be addressed by topical skin treatments.

When your skin is healthy, it is less likely to show cellulite.
Remember that 90% of all women have cellulite somewhere on their bodies. It’s just a fact of life, and nothing to be embarrassed about. Still, if you feel that the appearance of your skin could be improved, a combined approach of fat loss and topical skincare can help you get rid of that orange peel skin.


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