Your 5 Step Plan To Make 2019 Your Most Beautiful Year Ever


Have you set yourself a new years resolution? Maybe you’d like to lose some weight, get into fitness, or step up your self-care regime? How about combining all of these aspects to make 2019 your most beautiful year ever?

Despite the huge range of cosmetics and skincare products out there, we all understand that beauty comes from within. It’s a combination of character, confidence, and health that contribute to how we look on the outside. By addressing a few fundamentals, you can radically improve the way you look and feel. Here are 5 steps you can take to make 2019 your most beautiful year ever.

1 – Master the essentials of nutrition

Sound nutrition is the foundation of every aspect of your health. Without the right nutrients, your body will struggle to perform at its best (even if you’re doing everything else perfectly). So, if you’ve found yourself lacking energy, suffering from a dull complexion, or slowly gaining weight, you probably need to address the essentials of nutrition.

This starts by drinking enough water, since hydration is fundamental to many of the tiny chemical reactions that happen in your body. Then you’ll need to ensure you’re consuming sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals. Eating your 5-a-day or taking a comprehensive multivitamin are easy ways to do this. Once you’ve nailed these two essentials, you can start looking at your protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake to ensure they’re all on track.

Keep a log of your eating habits with a tracking app such as MyFitnessPal. It’s a great way to ensure you’re reaching your nutrient goals every single day.

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2 – Regain youthful skin

Radiant skin is a hallmark of natural beauty, but it doesn’t come easily to everyone. Drinking plenty of water and getting enough vitamins will set you on the right path. But you’ll also need to address other factors that could be negatively impacting your skin. These are different for everyone and may include lack of sleep, high levels of stress, or hormonal imbalances.

If you’re fed up with lack-luster skin, then think about what could be contributing to it and be proactive in resolving it. If your face is showing signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, then invest in a high-quality moisturizer that’ll address your specific issues. Look for a formula that promotes the skin’s own rejuvenation process, increases hydration, and contains natural compounds like vitamin E and collagen.

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3 – Solve overeating issues

Many of us have a tendency to overeat although we may not realize it. The most obvious and frustrating consequence is weight gain which happens slowly and steadily, meaning it often takes us by surprise. If you’re prone to overindulging in sugar or processed foods, then it may be affecting your energy levels, skin, and hair too. But overeating can also knock our confidence and make us question our self-control, so it’s important to take practical steps to address any issues.

Some people find it helpful to keep a food diary for 5-7 days which allows them to quantify how much they’re really consuming. You may also notice unhealthy habits or emotional triggers that are causing you to overeat. This can help you to take back control over food and gradually reduce what you’re consuming. If you’re finding it tough to resist hunger, an appetite suppressant may also help.

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4 – Fix your fitness habits

Are you keen to exercise more but not so hot on the follow-through? We all know that physical activity is beneficial for our health and waistline, but it can also be beauty-boosting too. Exercise increases blood flow and helps remove toxins that cause dull skin and cellulite. So, why not make 2019 the year you fix your fitness habits?

The scientific evidence is clear that a combination of cardio and strength has the greatest health benefits. Cardio exercise like swimming, jogging, and aerobic classes make your cardiovascular system stronger and burns calories. Strength training with dumbbells, resistance machines, or your own body weight will increase your lean mass and help you age gracefully too. Find an activity you love instead of something that’s a chore so that you stick to it consistently. Then follow-up your sessions with a protein supplement so that your body has the fuel it needs to recover quickly.

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5 – Shift those last 5 pounds

In a study of over 12,000 people, almost half of the women stated that they’re unhappy with their body. For many of us, it’s those last 5 pounds that prevent us from loving the way we look. It’s the slight muffin top or pot belly that makes us unhappy with our figure. But what many people don’t realize is that this small amount of weight can be gotten rid of in a matter of weeks. Imagine yourself rocking the body you’re actually happy with a month from now – then decide to make it a reality.

Bloating and fluid retention may be at the root of the excess weight. Sometimes changing our diet and drinking more water can be the key to losing these last few pounds. Refined sugar and processed carbohydrates are known to cause excess wind which can lead to a rounder than usual stomach, so reducing these may help.

A short-term detox plan can also assist you in shifting a few stubborn pounds. After that, it’ll be easier to maintain your leaner figure with plenty of water and a balanced diet.

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Make 2019 your year to shine!

Following these steps will help you to look and feel more beautiful throughout the coming year. Whether you want to feel happier when you glance in the mirror, reclaim your youthful looks, or have confidence in your body shape, these tips can help. Small changes can have huge impacts, and now is the perfect time to start afresh. So start now! Commit to kicking off the year with these health and beauty improvements that’ll help you look and feel better both inside and out.

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How are you going to make 2019 your most beautiful ever? We’d love to hear about your plans in the comments below!


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