What’s the Big Deal with CrossFit?



As a principal strength and conditioning program, CrossFit has become the “it” program used by tactical operations teams, policy academies, champion martial artists, military special operations, NASCAR drivers, celebrity trainers, and other professional and elite athletes throughout the world.

In fact, because CrossFit is a unique combination of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, aerobic conditioning, and more traditional training methods, it has been adopted by millions of people as their daily “workouts of the day,” or WODs.

CrossFit was first developed more than 20 years ago in California by Greg Glassman, a well-known gymnastics coach. At that time, CrossFit was used mainly by trainees in fire, police, and military academies. Since its users get such incredible results for maximum strength and durability, it quickly became its own sport.

Obviously, the level of intensity is dramatically different for someone just getting started than a trained athlete, but on all levels, the program is highly successful.

Primary Benefits

As mentioned, there are multiple benefits associated with CrossFit. Some that stand out the most include the following:

Exciting and Fun
Without question, CrossFit is in a league of its own. As opposed to more conventional gym workouts and endurance exercises, this program is both exciting and fun. Because the WODs vary constantly, you will never get bored. In addition, the daily workouts are all designed to be short and intense. Initially, you may feel overwhelmed, but as you continue using CrossFit, you will begin to feel rejuvenated.

Quick Results
Compared to other high-intensity interval training programs, CrossFit will help you achieve maximum fitness in less time. On a per-minute comparison, this program is far more effective for boosting metabolism and firming the body than using low to moderate intensity workouts. Since the body’s muscles adapt continually to workout load, switching up demand in CrossFit is what gives you even more benefits for getting and staying in top physical shape.

Transforming the Body
When it comes to making major changes to the body, CrossFit is the best program available. You not only lose weight but also define muscle, so you look amazing and feel great. You will discover that you have far more endurance and stamina than before, you coordination and agility will dramatically improve, and even your balance will become better.

Networking Opportunities
Because there is a special kind of person who loves CrossFit, getting involved with a fitness center or gym that offers this program will open doors to making new friends who have a common love of exercise. People who use CrossFit are dedicated and extremely supportive of one another regardless of the ultimate goal.

The Bottom Line

CrossFit does much more for you than the benefits listed above. As your body becomes better toned and stronger, you’ll feel more confident in the way you look, and you’ll gain an entirely new appreciation for the human body. Your cardiovascular system and your heart will become stronger, and, overall, you’ll experience an amazing transformation into a new and better you.


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