5 Reasons You’re Overeating and How to Stop


Food is a necessity of life. We need to eat to sustain ourselves. But sometimes we tend to over do it on the sustaining. Perhaps you’re overeating because you haven’t eaten all day, or maybe it’s your favourite meal, so you just have to have that second helping. There are many reasons why you might be overeating, and once you know what they are, you can learn to avoid them. Take a look at these five reasons why many people end up continuing to eat even after they’re full and see if you haven’t fallen prey to any.

You Are Exhausted

When you are tired, your body craves energy from any source. Food is energy and it will use it to get what it needs. Not only are your eyes more likely to be bigger than your stomach when you are tired but your willpower is at it’s weakest point. Even when you know you’ve had enough, you just can’t stop yourself from having one more bite. Make sure to get enough sleep every night and you won’t have to deal with this overeating trap.

You Eat Out Too Often

When you eat out, you usually eat way more than you would at home. And most restaurants go way overboard on the portion sizes too. Most of us would reason even after being full to the brim that we paid for this food and we are going to eat it. There are three ways you can stop overeating at restaurants. The first is to cut back on going out to eat in the first place. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be able to control what you are eating and how much. The second is to order a half plate if it’s possible. Some restaurants do offer this option. The third would be to order a to-go box with your meal and put half away from the beginning to get it out of sight and out of mind. You’ll have a second meal ready to go!

Food is Everywhere

As humans we love food and we like to keep it handy at all times. This can be dangerous to our waistline. When it’s there and easy to grab for, chances are you’ll eat it, even if you aren’t hungry. Understandably, food needs to be available when you’re hungry but keeping it in view and within reach all day will lead to overeating. Put them somewhere where they are out of sight and out of mind. When at work, keep food where it belongs, not in your office. You’ll be less likely to get up and walk to the break room for a nibble than open a drawer and grab a handful to snack on.

Food is Your Reward

Food is part of our culture and festivities are usually accompanied by a big buffet of tantalizing foods. But do we incorporate this tradition into little festivities throughout our day? When we use food as a reward for every accomplishment in our lives, we end up eating much more than necessary. Try to find a different reward than food, one that won’t blow up your waistline.

Food is Your Comforter

Food often holds happy memories for us. Your grandma’s apple pie, your mom’s linguini, or maybe even the diner down the road can give us comforting thoughts and make us feel good. We tend to use these foods to recreate good memories to help comfort us in times of distress. When we use food as comfort we are trying to fill an emotional void instead of a physical one. But this won’t ever be filled with food, so you just keep eating. This problem can become a very serious one indeed. Seek the help of a medical professional if you think your eating problem is serious.


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